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Peter Pan The Never Ending Story Show Review

peter pan

Peter Pan is a magical tale of a boy who never grows up and his adventures in Never Never Land. This wonderful story written by J M Barrie has long been a children’s favourite therefore the stage show should be popular with audiences up and down the UK, as it will go on tour from December 2013. Let’ take a look at Peter Pan The Never Ending Story Stage Show in more detail.

The Production

This is certainly a lavish production that has state of the art special effects to thrill and amaze in equal number. Peter Pan flies without wires! how is this done? Well so as not to spoil the magic this will remain a secret. The stage settings are wonderful with some digital imagery involved that is simply spectacular.

The show is filled with action packed sequences, fabulous songs and spectacular dancing and fight scenes none more so than where Peter Wendy and The Lost Boys take on the evil Captain Hook. Reviewers state that this show is magnificent plus is ideal for adults and children alike due to its excellent staging and sterling performances.

Many of the songs included in the show are chart toppers from artists including Robbie Williams and Rod Stewart such as Sailing and the ever popular Angels. The Artistic Director of this musical extravaganza is Geert Allaert who has had a hand in many fantastic previous productions. The show sounds like a real winner that bears all the hallmarks of a production that aims to please.

The Cast

Peter Pan Played by Sandor Sturbl

Peter Pan the boy who never grows old and lives in Never Never land amongst the fairies, elves, lost boys and pirates is a magical character who can also fly. On one of his rare visits to London he meets the Darling children Wendy, John and Michael who he invites to take a trip to Never Never Land and here ensues a magical adventure.

The actor who takes on the role is from The Netherlands and is treating this formidable part with enthusiaism and gusto! Sandor Sturbl may not be a well known name but it is thought following this tour of Peter Pan he surely will be in the future.

Tinkerbell Played by Stacey Solomon

Tinkerbell is the beautiful little fairy in this story who is thought to be in love with Peter Pan. Tinkerbell is very protective of the Lost Boys and Peter Pan and becomes somewhat jealous of Peter’s relationship with Wendy. Tinkerbell has one very powerful and useful feature in that when she chooses to sprinkle her fairy dust on a character, that character can then fly!

Stacey Solomon who came to prominence in The X Factor talent show and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here endurance show, which she won, has her first major role in Tinkerbell. Stacey has a fabulous singing voice plus a very enegmatic personality making her perfect for the part, while she also looks great as the beautiful Tinkerbell too!

Captain Hook Played by Wim Van Dem Driesche

Captain Hook is the villain in this story and is the enemy of our hero Peter Pan. Hook lost his hand in a sword fight with Peter therefore has to wear a hook on the end of his arm in order to pick things up. The arm was then fed to the crocodile who purues Hook wherever he goes, as he enjoyed eating the hand so much!

Wim Van Dem Driesche is a stalwart of Flemish musicals, as this is his country of birth. He suits the character of Captain Hook perfectly and it is said plays the part very well. Wim, we are sure, will soon become a popular name in the stage musical world following this production.

Wendy Played by Lilly Jane Young

Wendy is the elder of the three Darling children and becomes firm friends with Peter Pan. A lover of adventure who has many dreams she is more than happy to fly to Never Never Land with Peter where she becomes a surrogate mother to the Lost Boys. Will she stay in her new found home? Or will the draw of family prove too much for her?

Lilly Jane Young studied theatre at The Dance School of Scotland, while Wendy is her first major role in such a large production.

The Verdict

We have not yet been able to see this lavish production but are assured by the many critiques and reviews we have read that it is going to be a resounding success. With phenomenal special effects, superb music and an amazing cast, who it is said all play their parts admirably, we cannot see how this wonderful show can fail. We certainly will be booking our tickets when it comes to a theatre near us!