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The Snowman Live Stage Show Review

the snowman live stage show

The story of the Snowman has been a firm Christmas classic following its adaptation to the big screen from the superb children’s book written by Raymond Briggs. Now the story of the magical snowman has come to the stage, so, what’s the verdict from the critics and audiences who have seen the show? Let’s take a look.

The Story

Just in case you have been living on another planet for the last thirty years we will give you a brief summary of the story. The Snowman is about a boy who builds a snowman on Christmas Eve only to find that during the night the snowman magically comes to life and takes the boy on a spectacular journey flying through the sky to The North Pole.

When the pair reach the North Pole they join in a party attended by all the snowmen at the North Pole culminating in a visit from Santa who presents the boy with the gift of a scarf. The next day the boy awakes to find the snowman has melted and wonders if it has all been a dream. He soon discovers the scarf that Santa gave him in his pocket proving that he had indeed been to The North Pole with the snowman.

The Production

The Snowman Show is on at the Peacock Theatre in London, a theatre that comes under the Sadlers Wells banner. The show has received rave reviews with The Times stating the show is sheer theatrical magic and melts hearts. The show is suitable for children of all ages right from the age of two years.

The show combines dance, theatrical magic and superb music together to make a winning formula that will introduce your chidren to their first theatrical experience well. A trip to see The Snowman Stage Show is a great day out for all the family, while the production runs for less than two hours making it easy for small kids to sit through.

This captivating story certainly seems to have transferred to the stage in a successful fashion similar to that of the Snowman and the Snow Dog game with its wonderful sets and colourful imaginative costumes, while the special effects such as when James and The Snowman take to the air to the haunting tones of “Walking in the Air”are very emotional to say the least, states one audience member. As expected from a Sadlers Wells production the dancing is spectacular with dancing fruit, Jack Frost plus snowmen all adding to the wonder of the show.

This production certainly is not a panto according to general opinion. There is no dialogue, as there is none in the film version, the story is depicted in music and dance with snow falling on the stage throughout. The Snowman is typical of what audiences expect from Sadlers Wells, that is a mixture of excellent dance and emotive music, while whoever thought of ending the spectacle with snow falling on the audience is a genius.

The Cast

The Snowman is played by Cameron Ball

The Boy James is played by Oliver Fazzio

Jack Frost is played by Ben Harrold

Choreographed by Robert North

Directed by Bill Alexander